Puketapu School Newsletter

Week 9, Term 4 , 2018

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

Kia kaha - do your best * Kia māia - be courageous * Kia manawanui - have a heart

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

In our final newsletter of 2018 I would like to say thank you. To all our school whanau and parents for the support they give their tamariki, our teachers for their mahi and awhi throughout the year and most of all to our tamariki for their energy and spirit that they give to our school.

As we go off our separate ways I would like you to remember:

Ko te mea nui? Ko te aroha.

What is the greatest thing? It is love.

We hope that over the coming weeks, you find yourself surrounded by those you love, relaxing somewhere with the time and space to recharge for the year ahead. Remember, slow down, take time to breathe, take time to be by yourself as well as with others.

Matua Ngatai

Graduation Dinner

Wow! What a beautiful evening to farewell our graduating Year 8s.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening such as success:

  • Northpoint Church for providing the beautifully decorated venue for our largest graduation group yet
  • Knox Church for the loan of additional tables and chairs

  • Mataatua, Brody and the team who moved and set up all those tables and chairs
  • Cushla, Jenny, Helen, Sarah and all the other wonderful people organising in the background
  • All the parents, staff, Home and School who prepared food
  • Year 7s for their food service and table waiting skills
  • ICL and Home and School for their sponsorship of the Graduation Hoodies
  • Ana, Alejandro, Cheryl and Lisa for their organisation of the evening and set up
  • Parents and whanau who came along to show their support and manaaki for their Year 8

  • and most of all, to our Year 8s for their contribution to our school. We wish them every success in the future and we look forward to hearing about their accomplishments.
Big picture

One of the many pictures at Graduation: Farewell to birthday buddies
Reuben Warring and Mrs Lesley McDonald

Senior Trophy Winners

We are very proud to announce the winners of our senior trophies for 2018:

Awarded to the top student across all our main subjects. The team couldn’t find a difference between them, so awarded the trophy to both...

Reuben Warring and Tyler Read

Big picture
Big picture

Awarded to the student who has been part of a wide range of services and also opts in to help without needing to be pushed, this year goes to...

Shania Duff

Big picture

Awarded to the senior student who has represented Puketapu and Taranaki consistently well, this year goes to...

Samsara Falaniko

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Kapa Haka

Awarded to the top senior Kapa Haka student, the award goes to...

Samsara Falaniko

2019 Kaitiaki (Head Students)

We are delighted to announce our Kaitiaki Tama (Head Boy) and Kaitiaki Kotiro (Head Girl) for the first half of 2019:
Kaitiaki Kotiro (Head Girl)

Sifia Fonoti

Sifia started at Puketapu School in November 2011 as a brand new 5 year old and has been a popular student and friend ever since. Sifia has been described as "an old soul", "easy to talk to", "mature", "trustworthy" and "kind" and we believe she will be an excellent representative for our school. Well done Sifia.

Kaitiaki Tama (Head Boy)

Corban Read

Corban has been a key member of his peer group throughout his time at Puketapu. He is a keen and reliable participant in all kinds of activities, including fundraising and school groups, and works hard to show our School values consistently, inside and outside school. He believes part of his Kaitiaki role is "not to be the best but to help others be their best", something we think makes him a great choice as Kaitiaki Tama.

End of Year Values Awards

Each class was asked to select one student who has most demonstrated our values throughout the year. It was a difficult task to select just one! We are sorry that we can't list all the reasons for the awards here - there are some truly lovely comments - but these students should be very proud of their achievements:

  • Thomas Sioli
  • Lucy Nicholas
  • Sapphire Kuchler
  • Summer Wilkinson
  • Chayse Hodson
  • Khorus Ihimaera-Te Waaka
  • Amber MacDonald
  • Nabeel Sahrun
  • Iniyah Zandbergen
  • Kayden Lucinsky
  • Anika Engebretsen
  • Bonnie Rupe
  • Onaleah Zandbergen
  • Te Waiaurere Mahinekura
  • Navanah Meston
  • Deja Tohi
  • Raiden Rangi
  • Parekaiuru Tuturu o Te Atiawa
  • Iona Den-McKay
  • Jahlia Manukonga-Te Uira
  • Marlia Cooper
  • Nate Stainthorpe
  • Murray Sioli
  • Harper Sutherland
  • Jeosh Rafal
  • Kierah Hosking
  • Raven Falaniko
  • Emma Warring
  • Achille de Bruyn
  • Bella Stainthorpe
  • Alex Cross
  • Louis Frank
  • Oracle Rangi
  • Megan Frank
  • Shaylecia Thompson
  • Chloe Pearce
  • Jai Adams
  • Alex Innes
  • Serennah Hobin

Puketapu Superstars

Congratulations to our Puketapu Superstars, who have been spotted showing our school values:

Kia kaha - Do your best

  • Kade Davis
  • Bonnie Rupe
  • Anika Engebretsen

Kia maia - Be courageous

  • Alexis Lind
  • Ryan McGreal

Kia manawanui - Have a heart

  • Tirahia Ormsby-Turner
  • Alex Innes
  • Taaj Prestney
  • Kayden Lucinsky

Congratulations to the winners of our Duffy Awards, presented in the Showcase on Friday 7 December

Duffy Awards

  • Cade Nickson
  • Rylan Allan
  • Elijah Keith
  • Alex Innes
  • Erin Sowman
  • Raven Falaniko
  • Keira Adams
  • Koda Herewini-Kelsen
  • Areiana Zandbergen
  • Keanu Suthon
  • Lilly La-Rue
  • Locksley Lundy
  • Skylah Meston
  • Texira Martley
  • Navanah Meston
  • Elias Merdj
  • Zach Plant
  • Malan de Klerk
  • Jakaila Hori

School Values in Student Showcase Recipients:

The students who were displaying Kia Kaha - Kia Maia - Kia Manawanui during our student showcase this week were:

  • Carter Silich
  • Kiritopa Veza
  • Emma Hosking
  • Toby Radcliffe
  • Te Waiaurere Mahinekura
  • Noah Keith
  • Kyra-Jae Paki
  • Tyah Taiawa-McKay

We would like to say a huge thank you to Groundworkx Taranaki Ltd who have been our Duffy sponsor this term. A Taranaki wide earthmoving business with 16 years experience in the game. You can see more about them on Facebook - Groundworkx taranaki ltd. Thank you Groundworkx - you're awesome!

Big picture
Could you be our new sponsor?

In 2019 we will be seeking new sponsors for our Duffy Awards, so if you are interested, please contact Paula in the office.

PB4L Values Awards

PB4L means Positive Behaviour for Learning. It is a programme for people throughout our schools and early childhood centres.

For Showcase each of our Learning Teams choose one student to be the recipient of a

PB4L Award for being excellent role models and showing our School Values: Kia Kaha - Kia Māia - Kia Manawanui.


Jahliyah McLeod-Chard

For embracing our school values, always being willing to help out and for being a great friend to those close to her.


Imogen Den-McKay

For consistently showing Kia Kaha and giving her best in everything she does. She shows

Kia Manawanui to her peers and staff alike and is a kind and considerate class member.


Llashaan Gilligan

For his kind heart and the way he shows Kia Manawanui every day.


Kayden Lucinsky

For being an overall great student and great example of our school values.

Values Prize Draw

Each showcase we have a draw to choose a winner from the many tamariki who have been spotted showing the school value we have been teaching about that week. The more times a student is spotted doing good things, the more chances they have to win!

Last week our focus was on Kia Manawanui - being kind. There are many ways that we can be kind - to ourselves, to each other, to our environment. Our school is very lucky that we have many very kind tamariki!

We had heaps of names in the draw this week, so instead of two winners, we had four!

Congratulations and thank you for being amazing to:

  • Mitchell Radcliffe
  • Amber-Leigh MacDonald
  • Parleen Kaur
  • Kascie Bridgeman-Reid

TSB Banking October and November Prize Winners

  • Ryan Huggard
  • Mallory Leaf
  • Luke Sowman
  • Erin Sowman

Congratulations, you have won $5 to add to your savings!

That's it for banking for 2018. See you again in 2019!

Happy Birthday to...

Birthdays last week, this week and over the holidays

  • Onaleah Zandbergen
  • Troy Perry
  • Toni Kiriwi
  • Vinny Sturmey-Christiansen
  • Summer Wilkinson
  • Marley Sutherland
  • Blythe Fadlen
  • Mercedez Tagatauli
  • Tyah Taiawa-McKay
  • Khorus Ihimaera-Te Waaka
  • Holley Robinson
  • Elody Perrett
  • Zac Lowry
  • Cora Wano
  • Rishaal Prasad
  • Jamaine Hasler
  • Taydon Puru
  • Miya Roberts
  • Kaitlyn Veza
  • Patrick Radcliffe
Big picture

Celebration Evening

There was singing, there was dancing, drama and wearable art... the akonga of Puketapu School presented an amazing array of skills learned as part of SOMAD (School of Music and Dance) this term.

It was wonderful to see so many whanau join us on a beautiful evening to celebrate their efforts.

Congratulations to our raffle winners also, and to all those who bought tickets and helped raise more than $1,500 for Home and School!

Breakfast Club

A great last morning at breakfast club for the year. Tamariki had baked bean and spaghetti on toast for a great start to the day.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Home and School, Methanex, Fiona Pearce, Rebecca Roberts, Sarah Stainthorpe and all those who have helped feed our learners so many times this year.

If there are any parents out there who have an hour or two in the morning to help with Breakfast Club 2019, please contact Cushla or let the office know.

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Tennis Time

Classes from Totara and Kowhai have been enjoying tennis coaching this term from Mark from the Taranaki tennis association.

On Tuesday Janet, the Community Sports Advisor, popped in to donated 72 tennis balls, 30 racquets and 2 portable nets as a way of thanks for participating in the programme. This was funded by the TSB community Trust. Awesome aye!

Big picture

A bright place for buddies

We were delighted to receive this colourful Buddy Bench courtesy of Methanex.

A buddy bench is not just somewhere to sit. If a child is lonely or sad or doesn't have someone to play with, they can sit on the bench and other tamariki will know to reach out and make an effort to include them. What a great way to show our Kia Manawanui value! Thank you Methanex.

Big picture

Kaitiaki Reuben, Elijah and Samsara with Tracey Berrington-Smith of Methanex

Big picture

Unique and Nova test out our new Buddy Bench

Bikes in School

We are delighted that work on step one of our Bike Track starts next week. Funded by Bikes in Schools, our perimeter track (which will double as a walking track for getting to and from school) will run all the way around our field.

Check out https://bikeon.org.nz/bikes-in-schools/ for more information

Building Demolition - Please stay away

On Sunday, work starts to demolish the old Room 14 and Room 15 buildings - adjacent to the Hall and PE Storage Shed. These two old prefab buildings are sub-standard and not in a suitable state to repair so they are being demolished.

Over the weekend the cladding is going to be removed from the two buildings. Testing has identified that the cladding is an Asbestos Containing Material. The cladding is going to be removed by Peppers Construction Ltd who are licenced asbestos removal specialists, and the work will be undertaken in accordance with Worksafe New Zealand requirements. Worksafe have been notified that this work is being undertaken, and a Site Specific Safety Plan is in place.

The area will be fenced off, however please stay away from this area during the removal process.

Head Start Hui

Term 1 2019 starts on Wednesday 30 January.

On our first day we hold Head Start Hui which are short meetings for every student with their teacher and parent/caregiver.

The purpose of these hui are:

  • To build a partnership of learning between whanau and school (whanaungatanga)
  • For our families to share the strengths and dreams for their tamariki
  • For our teachers to listen to and get to know their akonga

Each interview/hui will last about 15 minutes and there are times from 8am through until 4.30pm so you can choose a time to suit you.

Book online at https://www.schoolinterviews.co.nz/code?code=qtd9b

Event code: qtd9b

Bookings are open now!

If you have any questions or are not able to book online, please contact the school office to book your time.

Stationery and Getting Ready for 2019

If you didn't get one brought home this week, stationery lists for 2019 are on our school web site and Facebook page, and our lists are with Warehouse Stationery and Office Max if you prefer to order your own.

Stationery packs will be on sale at the school office before school starts.

The office will be open for a short time on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January.

Community Notices

Taranaki Down Syndrome Association Gala Day

Pukekura Railway, cnr Liardet & Gilbert Street, New Plymouth

Saturday 5 JANUARY 2019

Come & join us for a fun day out.

Specialty stalls, train rides on the miniature railway, bouncy castle, face painting, sausage sizzle & much more!

Starts 10am until late

Want to be part of a radio show recording?

Media Kids and The Most FM Radio station are hosting a holiday programme for young broadcasters at the Novotel Hotel in New Plymouth and the Radio station of The Most FM.

This experience will help your child

  • Develop research and interview techniques
  • Learn and thrive in public speaking.
  • Learn the ins and outs of a radio station

  • Choice of audio effects and music
  • How to write and prepare for radio
  • Confidence building

Spaces are very limited, ages between 8 and 11.

Cost is $99 per child.

  • Mon 17 Dec 9am-12pm, Tue 18 Dec 9am-1pm – Beginners, includes morning tea
  • Mon 14 Jan 9am-12pm, Tue 15 Jan 9am-1pm - Beginners, includes morning tea
  • Thu 17 Jan 9am-12pm, Fri 18 Jan 9am-1pm - Advanced, includes morning tea

Find out more at www.facebook.com/mediakidsnz/ or email

moniquebeneke@gmail.com or call 020 415 99655.

Big picture

'Out of the Book!' - Puke Ariki And Community Libraries Summer Reading Programme

This year Puke Ariki and Community Libraries are excited to introduce our very own summer reading programme 'Out of the Book'!

How does it work?

As well as reading challenges we have also included other fun activities(e.g. show us a magic trick, design and build a robot, help cook a meal with your whanau) to encourage children with varying interests to engage with the programme. There is a choice of 30 challenges to complete, when your child has completed five changes (at least one to be reading based) visit us at any of our libraries and we will stamp your booklet. Every 5 stamps you get two entries into the prize draw - one draw to be held at each of the libraries and one for the overall mega prize!

How do I sign up?

Sign up from 17 December 2018 at your local library. Parents or guardians must accompany their children to register. 'Out of the book' is free and open to all school aged children.

For more information talk to our librarians or visit the Puke Ariki website.