Webinar Wednesday

Why Isagenix For Healthy Kids

Team Synergy and Team Rhythmigenix are proud to present, "Webinar Wednesdays!" This week we will ask the question, "Why Isagenix For Healthy Kids?" It can be a challenge to get our children the nutrition they need in our busy lives. This can cause all sorts of problems; obesity, constipation, behavioral struggles and so much more. Find out how Isagenix can help you provide your kids with the nutrition their bodies need and save you food preparation time too!

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The backup number is (425) 440-5100

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The event will begin at 6 pacific time, 8 central.

Why Isagenix For Healthy Kids

Wednesday, April 30th, 8-8:45pm

Your phone and computer

call starts at 8 central, 6 pacific