NBES Principal's Perspective

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Morning Drop off

A quick reminder that school does not officially open until 8:05. Many students have ben dropped off prior to the start of the school day and we are not staffed to make sure they are safe. If you need to drop off your child early, we have a wonderful morning program that is staffed by Channing LeBlanc. If you are interested in the early morning program please contact the school (508-867-8326) and we will let you know how we can help.

Afternoon Pickup

As the cold weather approaches we will need to return to parking in the parking lot to pick up our students. We are having difficulty watching the students cross the street and ensure they are safe and safety is our top priority. I understand that it will eventually get very cold and leaving the warmth of your car is an inconvenience. You are welcome to enter the school and check out your child indoors. Thank you for your help to ensure we are all safe throughout the remainder of the school year.

Preschool pickup

As the new year begins mid day preschool pick-up and drop off will take place through the main entrance of the school. After discussing the all our procedures with the new chief of Police his recommendation was to keep all doors locked throughout the school day. Mrs. Kerwin will be escorting students back and forth tot he classrooms. If you are late for preschool please check your child in at the main office.

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