Slick salamander

BY: DavonteXCrawford


Hey you reader, are you into slippery,slimy animals like a salamander? Well, if you weren't you wouldn't be reading this, of course. The three different catergories of a salamander in this writing are physical characteristics,ecosystem & habitat, and fun facts. So, folks, enjoy the writing!


The salamander is a special type of animal with unmatchable traits and characteristics that will blow your mind! A salamander is a lizard-like creature that has 5 toes on its front feet and 4 toes on its back feet. Its color ranges in red, brown, white[clear], and orange. A salamander length ranges from 2.7 inches to 1.8 meters. That's coming from the CHINESE GIANT SALAMANDER! Salamanders are aquatic as teens, but they're terrestrial as adults. Salamanders need to keep their skin moist, because if not, they could possibly die. Their skin has glands that releases mucus onto the skin to keep it moist. The skin is like a transparent hole to water, allowing water to pass through it. Those are the physical characteristics of a salamander.
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Salamanders live in multiple habitats, including pond and lakes, swamps, and caves, and rivers and forests. Some biotic things in a salamander's habitat might be..... Frogs, cheetahs, antelopes, kiwis, and lemurs. Some abiotic things in a salamander's habitat also may be..... The water, temperature, and logs that may, or may not be present at that time. General places that salamanders live in are the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. So next time you see a salamander in the wild, take it to one of the places mentioned in this writing. This is the end of the ecosystem & habitats section.
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Did you know that salamander in French, Japanese, and Russian is Salamandre, sanshoo, and salamandra, but the Chinese call it Zhongguo Dani, which stnds for Chinese Giant Salamander.Another thing you might not have known is that the CHINESE GIANT SALAMANDER is the longest salamander in the world! It's 2.7meters in length! Wow, that's really long. They also can regenerate lost limbs! Talk about immortality.


The salamander is by far the most awesome animal. Isn't it? That's the main reason why I wrote this informational text.