J. J. Lugo

Arlington National Cemetery

The Beginning

In 1864, thousands of soldiers died around Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. There was no place to put the bodies, so there were about 16,000 soldiers that were buried there . There aren't just solders buried there, there are generals, presidents, scientists, writers, and astronauts. There are about 28 soldiers buried each day.

Cool facts

John F. Kennedy was buried there. So was his brother Robert F. Kennedy. And his two infant children. There are more than 200,000 grave stones. There are monuments over famed soldiers. Special Memorials honor men and women who fell in American wars. There is the Tome of the Unknown Soldier. He served in World War I. There are two more soldiers - one in World War II and one in the Korean War.

Soldier Down

October 24, 1964 Sergeant Woods with 8 other men were shot down. Sergeant Woods went missing and has been found since then. He was still given a funereal. For now there are still 1,642 soldiers missing.