Play, Learn, and Grow in 4K

Week of September 12

Happy color week! We have been very busy reading books on colors and doing color activities. Check out what we did this week!


We read "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. After we finished reading the book students painted their strawberries.


We read the book "The Big Orange Splot." Students created their dream house. I always love to see their creativity!


We started our day by reading "Little Blue and Little Yellow." Then we mixed our own little blue and little yellow to make green!


On Green Day we will read "Go Away, Big Green Monster!" and made our own Big Green Monsters!

Stay tuned for pictures :)

Learning Routines and Expectations

We did a lot of playing! We practiced how to take toys off shelves and put them back in the correct place. We also practiced "freezing" when we hear the "clean up song". Our little ones are very responsible and quick learners!

Next Week

We will continue with color activities, name recognition/writing practice and lessons on social skills and friendship. We will also build onto our daily routine by starting math small group activities.