August Updates

Remote Learning 2.0


TAF@Saghalie will be open to the community on August 5th


Greetings Wolf Pack! Our building is open to the public Monday-Friday from 7:30-3:00. With On-Line Registration help available beginning Aug. 17th by appointment only. Please use the following link to reserve a time online:

Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to utilize the multiple online supports to complete online registration before scheduling an appointment. These supports are found and include: video tutorials, written instructions, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and Zoom Q&A and tutorial sessions.

As a reminder, if you are entering the building, ALL visitors will need to wear a mask, fill out a short health screening and follow posted social distancing guidelines. In order to maintain the health and safety of our scholars, staff and families, if you have any symptoms of COVID please stay home. Click on the link below to view CDC symptoms:

We are happy to provide all assistance by phone or email. We can be reached at 253-945-5000 or email at or We will respond as soon as possible.


Please refer to the District webpage for information regarding the school year.

Eligible families: Get help buying food with Pandemic EBT:

Please refer to the District webpage for information regarding how you can get food assistance.

On-line Registration Opens August 1st

On-line registration is open for all new and existing students. The following resources and support are available:

  • Watch an online tutorial, which can be accessed in ParentVue or on the District website at
  • Read the FAQ's, available at
  • Attend a virtual online enrollment session being held Monday-Friday, 10:00am-noon and 2-4pm. Zoom links will be made available soon.
  • Book an appointment for individual assistancs. Parents may reserve a time online: Due to COVID-19 appointments are required for in-person support.

Please refer to the District webpage for more information.

Supplies, Technology and Yearbook Pick Up

We know that everyone is anxious about picking up supplies, yearbooks and technology. Bear with us! A schedule for that will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Jumpstart 2020!

Summer Jumpstart Academy went virtual this year! Jumpstart is a 4-week program designed to get incoming 6th graders prepared for their first year at TAF@Saghalie. Students are able get first hand experience with project based, STEM integrated learning.

This year Jumpstart operated 2 days a week, for 2 hours with two different sessions (two different sets of 6th graders each session). We had a total 39 students attend.

Students participated in Financial Beginnings workshops led by Bank of America volunteers; which taught them financial literacy. They also participated in coding workshops led by Ms. Michelle TAF's Teacher Scientist Partnership (TSP) Program Manager.

Students picked up STEM kits at the beginning of the program. The STEM kits contained activities that gave the students a chance to explore the countries Guatemala, France, Australia and Indonesia. TAF@Saghalie 6th grade teachers; Ms. May and Mr. Tracy, also provided lessons on these countries. Throughout the program, student had selected one of the four countries to focused on and used the content learned from their teachers to create a website during their coding workshops with Ms. Michelle.

On the last day of the program students presented their websites, along with activities made from their STEM kits to families, staff and their peers. Presentation day was a victory, with 100% student participation.