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Good Morning Panthers,

Families will be able to come to campus to pick-up belongings that were left at school on June 1st and June 2nd. Please use the schedule below to look up your assigned date and time. This will also be the time to return district textbooks, library books, and other district property (keyboards, classroom books, etc.). iPads will not be collected from students who are returning next year. Any student leaving the district should return their iPad along with any other district property. Staff members have cleaned out hallway lockers/student desks and placed the contents in a labeled box that will be brought to your car at the predetermined time listed below:

  • Please do your best to follow the alphabetical time slot you were assigned.

  • Please follow the path as outlined in the map below.

  • Once your car reaches the designated spot, please open the trunk and/or side door. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE. A staff member will place your child’s items in your trunk and collect the items from your trunk that you are returning.

  • Please no walk-up retrieval as it may be difficult to socially distance.

  • Please use your family car sign that is passed out at the beginning of the school year. Place on the passenger side window/visor of your vehicle—If you have lost your sign, please create a sign and write the name of your children in LARGE print.

  • Prospect nursing staff will be available to return any medication left in the nurse's office.

  • Please place all textbooks, library books, classroom books that you are returning in a trash bag that is not sealed and labeled with your students name and class.
    o The trash bag should be placed in the vehicle in of one of the following areas:

    • Trunk if you are able to open from inside your vehicle

    • Passenger seat

  • Students do not need to return their iPads unless they are not returning as a District 181 student next year. ( 5th grade iPads-keep over the summer; will exchange in fall)

  • Materials from their hallway locker and student desks will be returned.

  • Mrs. Swanson will send you an email regarding library books that student's have checked out in their name. Please look around the house for any books that belong to the library or classroom.

  • Enter the carline on N. Prospect Avenue.

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5th Grade Celebration- June 1st

On June 1st we will celebrate our 5th grade students! 5th grade students have been assigned the first two hours, 9-11 am, to pick-up and drop off their belongings (see schedule above). During this time the 5th grade teachers will be there to say goodbye, take a picture of your child from their car and hand them a memorable gift. (We will email the picture to you, please don't get out of your car.) Below is the 5th Grade Celebration agenda for the day:

8:30 am- Homeroom Zoom Celebration

9:00-11:00 am- Parents and students are assigned a time to come to school to pick-up/drop off their belongings. Please have your child sit in the back seat on the passenger side so we can take a memorable picture to send to you.

11:30 am- 5th Grade Slideshow link will be sent out to families. Families may watch the video and celebrate their 5th grade student at any time.

If your 5th grade child has a sibling, we will also put their belongings in your car during this time.

June 1st is Field Day!

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Dear 5th Grade Parent,

Your student will need to have the following completed for 6th grade:

  1. Completed physical examination - completed from an exam after August 24, 2019

    1. Updated immunization record with

      1. T-Dap immunization

      2. Meningococcal immunization

      3. Health History portion (top of second page) to be completed by a parent

  2. School Dental Examination Form - completed from any exam after November 15, 2019

The forms should be returned to the middle school nurse on the back to school day in August or on the first day of school. The necessary forms have been attached but additional copies of the forms can be found on the D181 webpage for your convenience.

Medical Forms

Have a safe, fun, and healthy summer!


Charity Richardson RN Mary Youngman RN

Prospect Nurse Clarendon Hills Middle School

630-861-4408 630-861-4808

Dental Form

Physical Exam

dear 1st grade parent,

Your student will need to have the School Dental Examination Form completed for 2nd grade. The dental form may be completed from any exam after November 15, 2019.

The form should be returned to the school nurse on the first day of school. If you have the form completed before the start of school, you may scan or take legible photos of them and email them to me Mrs. Richardson. Please save the original form, in case it needs to be referred to. The necessary form has been attached but additional copies can be found on the D181 webpage for your convenience. Medical Forms

Have a safe, fun, and healthy summer!


Charity Richardson RN

Prospect Nurse


Dental Form