All About Me

By: Megan Dillon


My hobbies are singing, cooking, shopping and going to the movies with my older sister. I also really enjoy watching all kinds of wrestling and reading romance and horror books.

My Family

I currently live with my mom and step dad. I have one older sister and she just recently moved in with her boyfriend. My parents got divorced almost 10 years ago. I used to have to travel to Sedalia every holiday to see my dad but he recently moved to Independence with my step mom so I get to see him more often.


When I'm older and out of school I would like to be either a police officer or a chef. I also plan on moving away from Belton after high school.


This summer I really didn't do much. I went to summer school at the beginning of the summer and when that was over I helped my sister move into her new apartment. My sister got a job at the movie theatre, so I went to a lot of movies with her and she also took me shopping a lot. My family and I also went to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun as well.


I'm not involved in any clubs right now but I am planning on joining an art club or a book some time this year.

Fun Facts

1. I have three dogs, they are Pencil, Sam and Lexie.

2. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

3. I love horror and romance movies.

4. My favorite band is Paramore.

5. My favorite wrestler is John Cena.