TeachTheFuture Foundation

Together, Let's Give Education to All.

Our Mission

We are building a school in Kenya, African which will cost 75,000 dollars and it will include laptops, running water, electricity, and 4-6 huge rooms. We are consulting with Build African Schools, an official nonprofit that will help us with construction and government land permits. This school we will build will serve as a platform for these unfortunate kids to be successful in the perpetually advancing world we live in.

What Have We Done

We have had numerous fundraisers at Elementary schools such as Dilworth Elementary, Sedgwick Elementary, Blue Hills Elementary, and Meyerholz Elementary. These fundraisers have allowed us to raise money for our cause, but they have also helped us raise awareness and educate the kids about these issues prevalent in Africa and other third world countries. Additionally, we've been featured on Siliconeer, 11 70 AM Hearts for Africa, and we have done crowdfunding to raise money towards our goal. We also have done countless door to door sessions as well as a fundraiser at Macy's Shop for a Cause.