Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


  • if you take a video on your ipad you can put it into iMovie and make a movie from it.
  • you can take photos and add them in too!
  • if you make a movie and are done editing you can add it to your camera roll.
  • In iMovie you can put in music and sound effects to make your movie more interesting!
  • iMovie is a great way to present projects and send them in to your teachers!


  • In iTrailer you make a trailer for your movie.
  • you can also add videos from your movie.
  • add text to say what its about and when your movie is coming out!
  • you can pick a theme for your trailer.
  • add pictures from your movie to interest people when they watch it!

Haiku Deck

  • you can make a presentation on haiku deck
  • you can add pictures on haiku deck
  • you can add cool fonts and move you text around
  • create a chart or use the photos on haiku deck
  • send it to a teacher to present it.

Explain Everything

  • create slides to explain a topic
  • draw and type what ever you want! make you drawing or text small or big.
  • add in a picture and then explain what its about!
  • add voice in to make it interesting
  • you have infinite space so you can fit everything

go animate

  • make a cartoon with Go animate
  • explain a topic by having to people talk about it
  • put in voice to make it interesting
  • people can walk, talk, run, sit,and open things!
  • add cool background to make the scene amazing!