Emily's Updates

May 2021

EGHS Students and Families,

Welcome back to your monthly newsletter! We have lots of great information for you to close our 2020-2021 school year. If you have any questions or need support of any kind, please see contact info all the way at the bottom. We can't wait to see you back next year and we hope you HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

New principal announcement!!!

You all may know Mrs. Sia Chandler as our GED Director who has been working hard supporting our GED students and staff at EGHS. Her love for students and doing whatever it takes to support their success is her driving force. She has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make GED accessible to students across the district so more young people can achieve their educational goals.
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End Of Year Schedule Change

Beginning May 17, school hours are shifting to 10:00 AM-4:00 PM for DIPLOMA ONLY (GED will stick with same classes and same schedule)

  • Teachers will be working with students who have NOT earned their credit slip.
  • Diploma Seniors who want to walk at graduation have until May 20 to submit their work.
  • GED Seniors have until May 24 to complete their tests.
  • All other students have until May 26 to submit work and one last chance to make revisions on May 27.

So hustle and get your credit slip by May 14! Stay tuned for more information from your teachers on how to sign up for support on turning in work!


Tuesday, May 25th, 5pm

1500 South Franklin Street

Denver, CO

We are so excited to get to see our Seniors walk across the stage in-person at All-City Stadium this month. They have worked so hard and overcome huge obstacles to get to this stage and we are going to cheer so loud! Like embarrassingly loud...

Stay tuned for a very Special Edition: Graduation Updates newsletter in the next week that will share more details for the big day!

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month | TikTok

Take advantage of the following college and career opportunities!

Arapahoe Community College's Apprenticeship Programs

Wednesday, May 12th, 1pm

This is an online event.

Join in to learn more about the Apprenticeship Programs that are offered at ACC and how to get involved. You'll learn more about their Public Health, Community Association Manager, Medical Assistant, Property Management and Water Operator programs. Use this Google Meet link to join!

Get paid and gain skills to help you grow your career

The Denver Youth Employment Program (DYEP) is supporting students with workforce development, career exposure, and opportunities to further their individual passions and goals through work experience opportunities with local organizations, businesses and other high growth industries. Youth receive support from Job Coaches, mentors and coaching from local leaders, business owners, and community members. This program typically consists of a 120-hour work experience with various employers representing a diverse array of opportunities across the City of Denver. Youth are required to complete a Job Readiness Training (JRT) prior placement and beginning their experience.

DYEP is meant as an opportunity for youth to explore and be supported through their first work experience to ensure they have the skills to pay the bills.

-- General Eligibility Criteria--

  • 14-24 year olds
  • Denver resident and legally able to work
  • Priority given to low-income households

Interested?! Apply here!

Want to connect?

Jamie Lofaro - Interim Principal


Pablo Joucovsky - Assistant Principal


Sia Chandler - GED Director and Incoming Principal


Amy Gonzalez - GED Counselor


Kathy Choi - Counselor


Katie Amsberry - Counselor


Liora Wilson- Counselor


Emily Griffith High School

Emily Griffith High School is an Intensive Pathways high school in Denver Public Schools that supports 17-21 year olds in completing their high school diploma or GED.