Kennedy Clarke

Connections with books

"You will be known by your word and your actions". The Mentor Leader, Tony Dungy, Page 123. This class has helped me realize that you need to watch what you say and how you act because people are always watching you, especially young kids. If you say something that you know you shouldn't of said, then the kids that heard you say it will think its okay to say and they will repeat it. Same with your actions, if you do something then kids will see you do it and repeat you.

"The mentor leader looks at how he or she can benefit others which ultimately benefits the individual and the organization." The Mentor Leader, Tony Dungy, Page 21.

You have to look at the people around you and see if what you are doing is helping them or just helping yourself.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves." The Sacred Acre, Mark Tabb, Page 13

Saying that if you help others, then good things will happen to you. Doing the small things for people will result in greater outcomes for you.

Pre and Post

There are many ways to be a leader. In the beginning I thought there was just two ways, by example and with your voice. Throughout this class I learned that you also are a leader by the way you act when you are around certain people. This class has helped me see all the other ways there are that you can be a leader. Like helping others out when they are struggling or by stepping up and helping with activities. When working with the younger kids you show leadership by helping them and playing with them. They are watching and listening to you, observing you and how you act so they can be like you too. Working with all the younger kids shows you how much you need to watch your actions because of all the younger kids looking up to you. At first I was just a leader by example. I wasn't a vocal leader. Over the course of this semester I feel I have become more of a vocal leader but I can still improve on it.


One accomplishment was working on the holiday video with my two first graders. Myla and Miya. They impacted me because I got to learn all about them and what they like. Talking to the school board impacted me because it showed me that people are interested in what we are doing in this class and wants to know more about it. Another accomplishment is making an impact on the kids we are mentoring. I'm glad that I can impact them and have them look forward to seeing me the next time we go to mentor them.

Summary of how it changed my life for the future

I will use this later in life in my career. By leading people and not following them. It has also gave me an idea of maybe going into an education career or just working with younger kids in some way. I enjoy working with them and the joy they have when you are around.

Leadership applied in life

Being involved in the leadership class has given me and showed me a lot of different opportunities to be a leader. I have helped with many different projects and events around the school. I enjoy being involved in them and planning them. It makes me feel like I can have my own input in what is going on and what happens with them.

Greatest impact

Mrs. Evans first grade class had the biggest impact on me. They were the first class I got to mentor. It surprised me how excited they were to be with us. They watch you walk to the building through the window and wave, and when you don't show up one day they question you where you were at and why you weren't there. They yell at you and hug you wherever you see them at. I didn't know I could have that big of an impression on so many people. They would never fail to make you smile. They looked forward to me coming and I looked forward to going and mentoring them.

Unexpected Situations

An unexpected situation was talking to the school board. I think it was unexpected to everyone but we all handled it very well. It was nerve racking at first, but when it got started it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We went in and everyone had their own projects to present to them. They were impressed with us and our projects that we have completed over the semester this year.