The Bear Necessities


Write a new IEP? Did the parents sign for child to receive those services?

If you have written a new IEP and the parents have signed for their child to receive the services outlined in the IEP, it is time to email information to the front office. We need to know who qualified, who is seeing them for what service and if they are shared with another teacher tell us the percentages. Think Class List....we need to work together to keep these accurate, this is the document we use to assign ECSE and PEERS to your class.

VMS: Visitor Management System

Please remember that if students are in the building, we need to make sure that anyone who goes past the locked lobby door has a badge on indicating that they have been through the VMS system.
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Appointment Calendar

At our front office staff meeting, we discussed the beauty of the Appointment Calendar. Families still come in daily with no idea who they are meeting or why they are here. If you have a Meet Your Teacher or a home visit it should be on the appointment calendar, if you have a volunteer, it should be on the appointment calendar. We appreciate your time on this, it really does allow us to support parents when they walk in the door. THANK YOU
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Weekly Wellbeing

We've learned how important taking three deep breaths can be in helping us bring a sense of calm back to our body and in bringing our brain back into a higher state when we're feeling stressed, angry or upset. Making time to focus on our breath more frequently, even when we're not feeling particularly upset, can help keep us on a more even keel throughout our day. If you could use a gentle reminder to be more mindful of your breath, check out the Plum Village app (available for both Apple and Android devices). One of the features is a "bell of mindfulness" that you can choose to hear as often as every five minutes (maybe too much!) up to just once an hour (probably plenty!). Breathing in and out three times is enough to release the tension in the body, smile, and then continue your work. If we’re in the middle of a conversation, hearing the bell can be a helpful reminder to practice mindful, compassionate speech (but don't worry, if you turn your ringer off you won't hear it). You might even encourage your kids to join you in pausing briefly to breath with you!

Our Week:

Monday: Jeanie here AM, at SLC PM; Kerry gone to PATNC conference

Tuesday: Jeanie home visit observation AM, here PM; Kerry gone to PATNC conference

Wednesday: Jeanie home visit observation AM, here PM; Kerry gone to PATNC conference

Thursday: Jeanie home visit observation AM, here PM; Kerry gone to PATNC conference

Friday: both here