Safe surfing

By: Josh Styer

What Not To Do.

When signing up for online accounts, do not use your real name. Make up a fun nickname that only your friends will recognize. And even if they're your very best friends, NEVER give away your passwords to anyone. Also, don't believe half of the things that you read on the internet. A lot of it is not true.

Even if they seem really nice, don't contact or arrange a face to face meeting with anyone that you meet on the internet.

Being Safe

If you are on any social networking sites, make sure that you have your privacy settings set. If you don't, anyone can just look at your info. You don't want that do you? So make sure that you set all of your settings so that only the people you know can see what you're doing online.

Don't make people mad.

Even if they are your really good friends, don't say stuff about them online. Just because it's online doesn't mean they can't see it. You could lose a lot of friends that way.


Most websites require passwords for log in If you're using a banking website or something on that lines, make sure that your password is strong and hard to guess. It is highly recommended that you use a different password for every website that requires a log in.