Colonial Pennsylvania

By Gus Guzik


Introducing the Pennsylvania colony ,in this writing I will talk about what Pennsylvania was like in colonial times.first I will talk about how Pennsylvania was created. Then I will talk about how the Quakers became apart of Pennsylvania. Another thing I will talk about is Benjamin F. and how he became apart of Pennsylvania. There are many interesting things about modern day Pennsylvania but just wait for colonial Pennsylvania!!!

Penn's Woods

Did you know that Pennsylvania can also be called Penn's Woods. William Penn was the first person in Pennsylvania. He was given the colony by the king of England. William Penn arrived in Pennsylvania in the year of 1682. Another fact is that he planned and named the steets of Philledelphia. They named the colony after William Penn. William Penn left Pennsylvania in the year of 1776. And those were five facts about Pennsylvania.


What are Quakers, what do they do? The term "Quakers", is a popular name for members of the religious society of friends. George Fox founded Quakerism. George Fox was from England. His spiritual experience led him to witness what he called the "inner light of Christ". Quakers regard that all life is sacramental and observe. Quakers also created a sanctuary in Pennsylvania. Hey did you know that Quaker means once a month, thats why they're called Quakers.

Benjaman Franklin

Benjamin Franklin wasent only a famous scientist, he also helped out with Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was born on milk street in Boston. He was the 15th of 17 kids in the family. In fact he grew up trying to invent different things. When he got older he put a good amount of work into Pennsylvania. He paved the streets of Philadelphia and made the first fire department. But sadly Benjamin Franklin passed away at the age of 84. Over all I think Benjamin Franklin had a pretty good life.


I hope you enjoyed the colonial times of Pennsylvania. In my first subheading I went over how Pennsylvania was born. My second subheading I was talking about Quakers and how they lived there life. Finally I told you about Benjamin Franklin's long life. I hope you enjoyed the colonial times of Pennsylvania.


*Colony: An area that is controlled by or belongs to another country and is usually far away from it.

*Sacramental: An action or object of ecclesiastical orgin that serves to express or increase devotion.

*Observe: To see or notice something or someone



*The PA Colony by Dennis b.Fradin. Copywrite 1998