Etiquette on the Internet

What is Netiquette

Netiquette is etiquette on the internet. It is a set of informal rules which explain the way to behave on the internet. It tells you how to communicate to people across the internet properly without offending anyone. - Picture 2

Rules for Netiquette

  • Don't insult people, even if you know them
  • Don't use CAPS or other people will think you are shouting
  • Make sure the person you are talking to can understand what you are saying
  • Don't use humour other people won't get
  • Don't put any pictures or information about other people on the internet without their permission
  • Don't be a troll*
  • Don't start flamewars*
  • Always say sorry if you hurt someone even if it was an accident or joke
  • Don't use foul language to anyone
  • Always respect others
  • Don't spam

troll- a person who starts firewars on purpose

flamewars- a war on the internet using strong, hurtful words

Made By: Joanna and Elisa 5/6N