Marmora MIN(e)D

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Welcome Back

It’s our favourite time of year! The air is getting cooler, the sun is still bright and the leaves are slowly revealing their true colours! There is excitement in the air. Anticipation for what is to come. Enthusiasm for fresh starts and perhaps a little anxiety as we venture to the unknown. Welcome back to school!

We are VERY excited about this school year and are happy to partner with you to help make your child’s experience here a positive one. We have some new flooring (Thanks Facility Services!), new faces (Welcome!) and the place is sparkling (Thanks Mr. LeRiche, Mr. Warren and Mr Shire!).

We greeted some new faces and welcome back familiar ones. We were met with beaming smiles and happy faces. It is so much fun working here!

We have many things to share and ideas to explore. If you are “around town” please stop by and say “Hi”. It takes great partnerships to make any venture successful and our success will be in partnering with you. We are ready... Let’s go!

Mr. Lake

Staff roster 20