Wolves of the Beyond one and four

Written by Kathryn Lasky Recommendation by Grant T.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a wolf pack? Then I recommend reading Wolves of the Beyond.

Wolves of the Beyond: Book 1- Lone Wolf

Faolan, a grey wolf, was born with a twisted paw and because of this deformity he left to drown on a ice raft. Luckily, a mother bear saved Faolan's life. Faolan's life is forever changed. Read more in Wolves of the Beyond Book 1.

Wolves of the Beyond: Book 4- Frost Wolf

In book 4, we introduce a new wolf named Propit. Propit is a small pack leader that wants to be in charge. Faolon and his friend, Edme will join forces to bring down the enemy wolf. Can the two wolves stop the enemy wolf? Find out in Wolves of the Beyond Book 4.
I recommend this series to anyone who loves nature and wolves over the age of 8.