January 10, 2014

Faculty Meeting Date Change to January 21

With changes to district-level meetings due to our recent school closure, our faculty meeting date will change as well. It is best to meet with you the week after my principal meeting to share any information presented from the district administration.

Y'all Come Session - RBES Mid-year Update

January 14 @ 3:00 PM

Heather will share how to complete your mid-year update for RBES. The mid-year update is due no later than January 24.

Parent Conferences- Online Scheduling

Many of the elementary schools in Gwinnett now offer on-line scheduling and registration which, once set up, is less time consuming for everyone involved. Having said this, scheduling for our parent-teacher conferences in February will be solely internet based. Heather Bridges will be providing more information next week as we prepare for this move toward the increased use of technology.

On-line Curriculum Material

Have you tried as a resource? It is a free web site with great lesson plans and assessments. I created an account and searched for "informational text" and located great plans and assessments that could be used for various grade levels as we focus on the implementation of common plans and common assessments. Let's not try to re-create what already exists. The link above is an article about this site. However, you may go directly to the site by clicking on the link below to set up your own account:

Hope this helps.