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How can scams be used to trick consumers ?

How scams can be used ?

Scams may be used to lure people into having a false deception of either getting a "free" item or maybe being told to hand over bank account details etc. Many people each day are drawn into these fake deals and they should always be avoided at all costs to ensure you are not scammed.

What type of scams exist ?

Many scams exist in today`s world and they are growing even more popular day by day. These scams include : Gaming scams, marketing scams, credit card scams, Tradesperson scams, death threat scams & work scams and so on. These are quite sneaky and are cleverly diguised.

*different types of scams*

Be careful on what you do on the internet ~ Jeremy

Why do people scam ?

People scam to trick others and gain a benefit from doing so. To scam, information of a particular person is needed. Now most scams will ask you for personal details and this is where scammers use your details to scam you. Anyone can be a victim of a scam if not careful.

How to avoid scams ?

People can avoid scams in many ways. Being careful may not always ensure that you wont be scammed but it will help to prevent yourselfs from being scammed. Never give away personal details about yourself i.e Bank account details Make sure you know what your doind and make sure that there are no hidden or decieving scams around you.

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