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April 10, 2015

The dreaded wall.

You've all hit it before. Maybe not in your business yet, but definitely in life. The weight loss plan that has you hitting your plateau and not moving. The mid-afternoon slump when you've been going at lightning speed all morning. The boiling point when you've been stuck inside the house with your kids on a snow day and you know you'll blow if you have to hear 'Mommy can I have a snack?' one more time. (Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything).

The wall is very real in our business too. Some hit it earlier than others, and chances are you'll hit it multiple times in the course of your business. It's when you feel as if you've totally run out of contacts to book with. When no one will return your calls. When that big show you were hoping for ends up having only two guests.

It sort of stinks - I'll be honest. BUT - the good news is that EVERYONE hits it. I distinctly remember my very first S&D wall. Believe it or not, I went TWO WHOLE MONTHS with $0 in sales! Yes - ZERO. But - I kept pushing and putting myself out there, and was able to conquer it. AND YOU CAN TOO.

I LOVE these tips on how to get past that wall at this time of the year. Read them over and then pick one or two that might work for you. Remember - it's not what happens to you that defines you, it's how you push past it.

1) Go through ALL of your FB contacts, email contacts, cell phone numbers and you REDO your WHO DO YOU KNOW LIST!!! What you are looking for are the people you have overlooked- the people you have thought to yourself, "No.. they are too busy or they don't wear jewelry" OR the people you are intimidated to reach out to!! (Guess what.. NOW is that time!)

2) Go to MEETUP.COM and look for groups who meet... Maybe it is a running group, a book club, networking group, painting group, volunteer group, WHATEVER you LOVE but GET yourself SIGNED up to receive the emails as to when they are meeting.. SIGN UP FOR 3!!! You don't have to go today, but you need to see all the opportunities out there for you to get involved with PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!

3) Go to EVENTBRITE and register for you LOCAL STELLA and DOT summer rally! This is KEY! You cannot push through this biz without having a group of stylists you get to know face to face- this doesn't have to be your team... remember, I started with no team but the monthly meeting I attend have always helped me move my biz forward! I STILL learn something every time I go!!!

4) GET OUT AND ABOUT! Summer is coming and I guarantee you are thinking of working out... we are women and NONE of us want to just go and HOP in a bathing suit! Find a new class to attend- get on GROUPON and buy a pass to attend a place you have NEVER gone! BUT when you attend the class you HAVE TO WEAR at least 3 pieces of Stella and Dot- my go to are the nancy studs, bar necklace and disc necklace (both layered).

5) Reach back out to the people you have met at your shows of family and friends ONE MORE TIME!!! DO it big! Tell them you are booking for APRIL and you have NEVER been more excited about a collection- tell them, if you are too busy, I totally get it, but how you can help me is pass me a referral- who do you know who loves to go to happy hour with friends, people in your office who love jewelry etc. YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM IDEAS OF THE PEOPLE TO REACH OUT TO!

6) OPERATION POST IT NOTES..... when you are pushing to build this biz, you are "ON YOUR GAME" at all times, load up your bag with 10 minis all with post it notes and 3 full look books- at the end of this week, you want those to be GONE! IT doesn't matter WHO you give them to, but you MUST get them out in the universe! Grocery store clerk, drycleaner, cute mom at dance class, WHO CARES!!!! You will be BLOWN away with what your efforts do to put your biz out in the universe!

7) Book a pop up shop... this is NOT FOR SALES! You are doing this to MEET NEW people to book a trunk show with or a new stylist to join your team!!! If you sell pieces that is awesome but don't have any expectations to do so, but DO have expectations that you are going to MEET a new person who is either a hostess, customer, stylist or CONNECTOR!!!

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Wondering how to make your shows $1000+?

It's all about the Hostess coaching, baby! Check out the transcript of our FB chat on just this. TONS of great words to say and systems to put in place to be sure you are maximizing every single trunk show opportunity that you have!

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Krista Demcher

Jess Silberzahn

Corrine Dalfonzo

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Lydia Sacavage

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You all know we have an incredible sign up special happening this month, right? BUT did you know that we have a special team Facebook group for all of our friends/family/customers/contacts that are interested in hearing more about our opportunity? WELL WE DO! Some of you are already in it in fact. (

This is like a special little golden ticket to help you all seal the deal and to be honest, we haven't been using it to its fullest potential! The goal is to show all of the non-stylists in that group see what a SPECIAL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE group of women that we are! It's been a little slow lately but I'm ready to KICK IT UP A NOTCH! (or 1000 notches, actually).

I'm asking that if you are at all interested in the tiniest bit in sponsoring and growing a team, you join the group. Simply email me and I will add you. I'm going to be running a prospective stylist call followed by a FB chat for all of your guests in this group, BUT they will need to be in the group to get access to it!

We're also going to do a lot of fun posts so all these ladies can see just how much fun we are - so I'm asking for your help in blowing that page up!!! Every new contact you add to the group by the end of the weekend gives you an entry to win a Voyager bracelet from me!

Who do you throw it out to? ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!! Don't pre-judge. What do you say? Here's what I'm saying! Feel free to copy/paste!


Hey Jessica! Hope you are doing well - love the pictures of your cuties!!! Was just thinking of you and wanted to reach out. My Stella & Dot team has started a Facebook group for ladies who want to learn more about the stylist opportunity and I'd love to add you! You would be so good doing what I do and would totally rock it! This group would be a great way to get a feel for what our team is like, ask questions and get more information on the opportunity. No worries - not a hard sell - I promise! Is it okay with you if I add you in?

Time to share the #sdjoy!

Don't miss our Summer Line Launch here in Bel Air, MD! A great time to see the collection and connect with your Stella Sisters!

Krista Demcher

Senior Director, The Glowing Stones