Wedding Party Gift Ideas

For everyone on your list, Grandma to your Maid of Honor!

Let me help you get your Wedding Party Gifts for Free or almost Free!

Weddings bring on expenses - and every time you turn the corner, there's another thing you have to or want to do. Let me help you earn your Wedding Party Gifts for free or almost free!!

Host a Party, Schedule a Party and get a Warmer for only $10*, in addition to the regular Host Rewards. OR Become a Consultant, Host your own Parties, earn commission, and get your own Host Rewards. - Click Host or Join to read more or give me a call and let's chat, 305.741.2468.

Picture this - YOU framed in a Warmer!

3 styles of Gallery Warmers, 8 different colors to choose from

There are lots of frame styles to choose from, if you like my idea of using a photograph to make your gift a memorable and useful gift you'll want to choose one of the two 'Snapshot' Frames.

The picture can be of the couple, or the couple with the person that's receiving the gift - use your imagination and work with your photographer to capture the best image for the 2.5 x 2.5" area.

Special Wedding Party Gift Pricing

$100 - 3 Warmers** and 6 Bars ORDER BEFORE 02/05/15 and get $10 off an additional Warmer!

$200 - 6 Warmers** and 12 Bars, ORDER BEFORE 02/05/15 and get a FREE Plug-In Warmer!

Shop online, anytime!

I take pride in my personalized service and will be happy to help you find just the right gift that fits your needs and budget! Don't hesitate to shoot me an Email, give me a call, or send me a text.

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Did you miss my booth? Then you missed my Drawing!

Below is my Second-chance Drawing! I gave away a Warmer and Bar during the Bridal Show weekend. Fill out my form and you'll be entered to win a box of Dryer Disks to help your laundry be fluffy soft, static-free, and smell terrific.

I will have one drawing per 150 Responses that I receive; only one entry per per person.

Drawing date: January 31, 2015

*Contact me by 06/28/15 to schedule, Party minimum of $150 must be met, and Party must be held on the original date.

** Warmer Price for this offer cannot exceed $35. Order must be placed through me by 02/05/15. Cannot be combined with a Party order or any other offer.