Luigi Galvani

By: Grace Nguyen

When And Where He Was Born

He was born on September 9, 1737. He was born in Bologna,Italy.


He went to Bologna's Medical School ( just like his father ). He also earned a degree in medicine. He a lecturer of anatomy at the University of Bologna.

luigi and his frog experiment

The date,What he did, and what happend

The Date, What He Did, And What Happend

Galvani was born, educated and taught anatomy in Bologna. The Italian physiologist made one of the early discoveries that advanced the study of electricity. His work with frogs led to his discovery in 1781 of galvanic or voltaic electricity. Galvani found he could make the muscles of a dead frog twitch when he touched them with different metals or the current from a nearby static electric generator. But he incorrectly thought fluid in the frog's body was the source of the electricity. This discovery soon led to another by Allesandro Volta, who invented the electric cell or early battery. ( From: Super Scientists )

Where He Died And When

Luigi died in his childhood home in Bologna, Italy. He died on December 4, 1798.