The Enigma Cipher Machine

Could the English and Poles crack the code?

What is enigma machine?

The basic Enigma was invented in 1918 by Arthur Scherbius in Berlin. It enciphers a message by performing a number of substitutions one after the other. Mid 1920s, mass production of Enigma machine with 30,000 machines being sold to the German military over the next 2 decades.


Colossus was the world's first electronic digital computer that was at all programable. The Colossus computers were used by British codebreakers during World War II to help in the deciphering of the Lorenz cipher. Without them, the Allies would have been deprived of the very valuable intelligence that was obtained from reading the vast quantity of encrypted high-level telegraphic messages between the German High Command and their army commands throughout occupied Europe. It was situated at Bletchley Park.

The Bombe

It was made to decipher German military Enigma messages required that the following settings of the machine were discovered. Once these were known, all the messages for that network for that day could be deciphered. On the Bombe machine, the ten leads could be arranged in 158 million million million ways.