Hoopla Beauty & Bling Challenge

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Happy April!!

April is one of my favorite months of the year!! It’s the mark of spring, it’s my twins’ birthday month, it’s my anniversary month with Stella & Dot and it’s the 2nd busiest month for business! Here are another things I am excited about!!!

We are BOOKING this week for a TUNIC!

We are excited about the SPONSORING special announced last night (extra $100 in product credit for anyone who joins this month!)

We are excited about NEW additions to our April Trunk show exclusives this week!

And, this isn't an APRIL Fool’s JOKE....check out the 3 MONTH LONG HOOPLA "BEAUTY AND BLING" INCENTIVE for those gals coming to Las Vegas!

Who will I invite to my PRIVATE SUITE to get all GLAMMED up this year??

THREE ways to earn a spot at the BEAUTY and BLING morning before the FASHION SHOW! You only need to complete ONE!

And if achieved, be my guest in my suite for a hair style session with champagne and goodies!

1. Sell $10,000 this quarter (April-June). You are probably thinking...WHAT???? That's crazy! Break it down...that's $3500/month....3-4 shows! One a week! AND...$1000/mo in YOUR pocket! What would you do with $3000+!?

2. Promote to STAR STYLIST or ABOVE!! I know a bunch of you are working on this one!

3. SPONSOR (Hello Sponsoring Special!!!) 3 new girls this quarter and 2 must be Jumpstart Qualified (sell $1000) by June 30th. Again....it's all about reaching out and sharing the joy!!!!!


This is a Challenge...and challenges are suppose to be hard! :) Push yourself the next three months!! Can you imagine how amazing you will feel?



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New shows booked for APRIL starting today through Friday will get an entry to win a tunic!! Your choice of color too! Winner will be announced in Friday's newsletter!

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There is so much to love in April already and to top it off we’re adding a Sign Up Special! Now through April 30th, those who sign up will automatically receive an additional $100 in sample credits! See full details in the Stylist Lounge

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New additions just made to the Trunk show exclusives-- stay tuned for udpated US and Canadian PDFs in the Lounge!

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Click below for more info about our Annual Sales conference Hoopla!