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I think that this documentary was a good thing to show, the reasons was for a 5 year old boy who is suffering from cancer. That wants to be batman and "Make a Wish" Makes this little boy's dream come true
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Defining the Purpose

Miles "Batkid" Scott Was diagnosed with cancer at a young age (5 years old). He always has had the dreams when he and only him was the best and biggest super hero in his city.

Achiving the Purpose

The stratergies made the 5 year old beleive that that day was the best day ever and a wish that he thought could never come true for any human being in the worl. Miles also didnt believe what was happening that very amazing day
BatKid saves transformed 'Gotham City'


Batkid Saves Gotham City from his enemies and all of the bad guys. Right along the side of Batman , his cancer will not keep this dream of his down as he makes it the biggest wish ever.!