Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins

Made by:Ashley West


When Katniss arrives home safely from the Hunger Games with her Allie Peeta Mellark She has to fight again. All the victors from the last 25 years are picked again and have to fight among 24 tributes. Katniss and Peeta got picked along with their future allies. When they finally went to go fight , all victors from the last 25 years have to all fight again. They are put in an unusual arena. The arena is split up into a clock where each hour is a new horror. the horrors consist of blood rain, tsunami, monkey mutations, poisonous fog, and much more. Se makes allies with Peeta, Finnick, Mags, Wiress, Beetee, and Johanna. Will they all survive the 75th annual hunger Games?

My Opinion

I think Catching Fire is a very good book if you like dystopian or action. It is a 3 book series that also has all 3 movies out. This book has some plot twists and leaves you on cliff hangers. This book was filled with action, excitement, and suspense. If you haven't read the series yet, I would start with the Hunger Games, where it all began in district 12.