It destroys Earth

Nuclear Energy

It's horrible it pollutes the planet with lots of carbon dioxide and radioactive waste.It has a major risk,it could explode.It cost lots of money.During world war 2 nuclear weapons were used which belive it or not caused birth defects in children til this very day.It also leaves nations in fear of a nuclear war.

Try wind or solar energy instead.

Please Stop using Nuclear Energy

This dangerous energy has been around for 84 years.

Nuclear Reactors take up animals natural enviroments

I am against Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power Usuage

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Why we should stop

We should stop because when coal runs out the backup energy would be Nuclear energy and it won't only cost a lot of money but it will also slowly destroy the Earth but it will destroy it faster than coal.

Do the Irish jig to stop Nuclear Power.

Male Irish Jig

If you agree to stop Nuclear energy you can save wild life.