Diversity PRO: What is All This?

Explaining Diversity PRO, LGBT PRO and LGBT Business Forum

What is Diversity PRO

Diversity PRO is an NGO. We started it as an "umbrella" identity for all the activities we do.


Because when grouped under one roof some initiatives can be better promoted, reached a greater audience, and also more easily sponsored.

So what is LGBT PRO?

LGBT PRO(fessionals) is a group for people who want to network.

This group was established before Diversity PRO and is now one of its' projects.

As a group, we have a Facebook Community where we post updates, share and discuss.

Meetings of the group are held regularly:

- 'After Hours' events - drinks and networking for the group.

- Lectures, workshops and discussions on different topics.

LGBT Professionals - After Hours

Tuesday, May 14th 2013 at 6:30pm

7 Hviezdoslavovo námestie


What about this "LGBT Business Forum" - what's that?

The Business Forum is another project.

It is a business conference directed mainly at business leaders, HR and management professionals, where we present and discuss topics of Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment. In Bratislava, the first Forum was held during PRIDE Week 2012, titled "From Global to Local".

The next LGBT Business Forum in Bratislava will be in June 2013. We are working on the details so stay tuned!

LGBT Business Forum: Leadership Through Networks

Thursday, June 20th 2013 at 1pm


Who We Are...

We are Veronika Blum & Gili Gershonok - two young professionals with a vision to make a change in workplace environments for Diversity Groups.

We have both been involved in leading LGBT Network Groups at our workplaces in Budapest and Bratislava, and learned first hand what can be accomplished in just bringing people together.

Join Us!

We got this thing started, and we need help to keep it going!

If you are interested in initiating, supporting, participating in one of our activities, or, even better - would like to start your own under 'Diversity PRO' umbrella - please get in touch!!