you aren't alone

have you been having these thoughts...

"Self-harm is okay"

"My body is disgusting and should be punished"

"My bad feelings can be reduced through pain"

"They'll only know how I feel if I do something drastic"

self-harm is more common in teens

girls are at a higher rate of self harming in their teens, but as you progress into adulthood it becomes more equal between boys and girls

self-harm is addictive

its important to get help fast

tell someone you are close to first, make sure it is a good time where you won't feel rushed and you feel comfortable

seek professional help; its an addiction you must healthily overcome


distract yourself

ask questions like why are you doing this?


even if you don't want to die you can...

accidentally bleed out

cause infection

need a tetanus shot

get fragments of metal burnt into your skin that are excruciating to remove

cause major disfigurement and scarring

you may stop self-harming but your body will always hold your past

Willow by: Julia Hoban

This book gives you an inside look at self-harm and what goes on in the mind of the victim. It is an accurate portrayal of the problem, however I would recommend to give the book to family members of the victim instead of the actual victim. It could further depress the victim and make them feel as if their problem is nothing in comparison to the protagonist, but it can help their family understand why the victim is self-harming and the kind of thoughts they have.
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