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November - December 2015

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New Database: Classroom Video on Demand

Classroom Video on Demand contains over 18,000 streaming titles in 187,000 segments (of approximately 1-5 minutes long) with transcriptions. The films include a broad spectrum of academic subjects. Approximately 40-50 titles are added each month. See the New Library Materials list each month for a link to new titles.

Access to this new database is with the single sign-on id/password: (middle / timecat). Once you have access to the database you have the option to set up a personalized account. This personal account will let you:

  • Mark favorites
  • Create playlists
  • Share playlists
  • Receive emails when specified film topics are added
  • Make custom cuts of films
  • Export custom cuts to moodle, powerpoint and other digital mediums

Remember the single sign-on id/password is: middle/timecat. Have fun watching!

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October New Resources

List of All Databases

More About Your Librarian, Kathy

Living Stories, Living Libraries: a Tumblr site

Beats for Accelerated Learning

This YouTube video claims that if you play this soundtrack during a study session it will increase your retention. Try it out and let us know if it works.

Speaking of Beats

You can make your own online at Or, just take advantage of their royalty-free sound clips if you have already started making music in another program.

A great resource for sound effects: Free Sound Project. This is an awesome place to get crowd-sourced royalty-free sound effects.

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