Connor's SSR Project

I read 9 books

Hatchet: By Gary Paulsen

The genre is survival. It is a very good survival book. The book is about this kid named Brian. He has to go to his dad's in Canada and his plane crashes. He gets stuck in the woods. He has to survive by killing animals and building a shelter. I would rate this book a 4 because I love survival things. I think it would kind of be fun trying to survive in the woods.

Brain's Winter: By Gary Paulsen

The genre is survival. It is the second book to Hatchet. The book is about Brian trying to survive. This time it's in winter. He has to find warm clothing to survive. He has to start fires and go hunting. He tries to send smoke signals to planes flying above him. This book is very good, but it wasn't as good as the first one so I'll give it a 3.
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Brian's Return: By Gary Paulsen

The genre is survival. It is get third book to Hatchet. This book is about Brian trying to get home. He has to go searching for people living in the woods. When he finds someone, he waits to get a plane to go home. When he gets home he sees his mom and gets in trouble with these guys. This book was really good when he was in the woods. When he got home it was kind of boring. I would rate this book a 3.
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Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island: By Eve Bunting

This is a mystery book. This kid gets in trouble with these bad guys, and he has to run away from them. He gets a ride out to Alcatraz Island. When he gets out there he loses his tour guide. When they go back to the city he gets trapped on the island over night. Then the bad guys get over it the island, and he tries to get the boy. This book was ok. It wasn't my favorite. I would rate it a 2.
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The Billionaires Curse: By Richard Newsome

This book is a mystery genre. Gerald's aunt dies and he inherits 250 billion pounds of money. These bad guys are after him. When he figures out someone stole a very expensive diamond. It is a key to unlocking a casket. When he finds the casket he is forced to open it by a bad guy. When he opens it there is a golden rod that can control your mind. This book is very good. I would rate it a 5.
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Reading Reflection

This year I have inproved lot on reading. Last year I was an ok reader. I didn't really read last year. I only read two books. I figured out I didn't like to read because the books I read last year, were not good at all. Whenever I read last year it took me awhile, because I was not a very fluent reader. I read a lot better in my mind. It will go a lot faster. I still get stumped on some words that I don't know.

This year I have improved a lot with all my active reader strategies. Our teacher has helped me with my fluent reading. It has been very though. I can read a lot better in my head. When I read out loud I like to studder. I need to work on that because when I get older I need to be able to read fluently.

I have learned my six reader strategies this year. Last year I did not know anything about them. This year I have protected all my strategies. My best strategies is visualize. I'm very good and doing that. Whenever I'm reading my book every page I visualize. Sometimes I stop reading and I think of the picture I'm visualizing. It's almost like I'm watching a movie. I'm pretty good at the other strategies, but visualizing is my best one.

This year has been a blast. I've improved on my reading skills a lot. Last year I didn't have a very good grade in launguage, because I didn't even care on my work. This year I wanted to improve that and I did. Now my grade has went up a full letter. This year the books I've read are actually good. That's why I'm a lot better In launguage. I hope next year I improve even more than I did is year. That would make me really happy.

Write to Learn

Dear School Board President,

I think books are very interesting. Most people would rather not read books. I can see how people don't like the. You need to find the right book for you. Some are very boring. If you want a good book, go to the library. The library is the best place to go to read a book. It is very quiet and relaxing place to read. When you read, it gives you advantages. I am a pretty good reader. That means when I get to high school. I will be able to read very fluently. When I'm an adult, I all have to talk in front of a crowd. That means I need to work on my reading, so I don't mess up and look like a fool.

If you really like to watch television, or you have a favorite movie you like to watch. You could by the book version of that movie. It will be the exact same, except the book is usually better because it has a lot more detail, and it will explain things a lot more. My favorite book is the Billionaires Curse. The down fall on this book is that it doesn't have a movie to it. If you get lucky sometimes, there are even books off of video games. If your students love to play video games. I would order books that talk about video games. Most of the students like to judge a book by its cover. I would not do that. I've seen a lot of people do that and it turns out to be a very good book.

You could even make them do presentations of their book. Once they get done with their book, they are reading. Make them do a presentation on if. A lot of kids like to do creative presentations. Whenever I get done with a book I like to summarize it up and share it with other people. I would use the keynote or some sort of fun app. I would not use a writing website because kids don't like to write a lot about a book.

If your school does not hand out book orders, I would make them do that. Most teachers assign kids to read certain books. They don't like most of the books, teachers assign. That's why you need to hand out book order forms. The students get to choose what books they like to read. Then, they take it home and have their parents get it for them. That way, you will always have a good book to read. Sometimes, books even have a series to them. The book I'm reading has multiple books in one series.

If you want the students to take reading more serious, I would make them read at least 40 minutes every day. If the students don't know what book they want to read ask them some questions on what they are interested in. Most kids like to read survival, mystery, or war. Those are like the biggest hits on books. A couple other things you could do is make your language teacher assign like 5 books a year. Then when they get done with those 5 books, they can get rewarded with some candy or something else. Tell their parents that they need to read more.

If you want the kids to read at home I would make their video day games be reading related, so that means they will always be reading. That makes it a lot easier in high school to read harder books. That would be a lot easier. If some of your students can't read that we'll get them special help. I would start them off with easy books, then eventually get harder and harder as they get better at reading.


Your student, Connor Christian