Why are cats nocturnal?

By Bradlee

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Did you cats have been around for 12.000 years if so what you may not know they also have been night time pest for 12.000 years so here’s how to knock off there nighttime attitude.
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play time!

The reason cats are up during the night is normally because we're cats originate from. Big cats which at night mainly hunted for food. Well now that it is not necessary to hunt they take the time to play and then they sleep during the day. Allowing your cat to do this gets them more adapted a to the schedule making it more difficult to change.
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Night night cat

Making activities to where your cat out like playing with toys and a bedtime snack from a toy ball that drops pieces of food when the cat plays with it. This entice the cat to continue to play with the toy until all the food is gone which will take awhile.

peaceful sleep

Keep your cat active during the day don't let them sleep as much as they want this can play in a major part in adjusting their schedule to be more like yours. Also remember to offer a range of toys like feathers tied to sticks rattle mice and other toys that make interesting noises for your cat to play with.


I hope you thought this article was puuuurrrrrfect for what you need about your cats night time attitude and how to deal with it bye!