Branch out with Microsoft Forms!

15 Minute Mondays

Level up your Personalized Learning!

Do you want to engage your students? Do you want to provide Just-in-Time Instruction? Do you want to to give your students' Choice and Voice? Do you want to have Mastery-Based Assessments drive your instruction? Then, join the Westlake Vanguard team for our first 15 Minute Monday!

This semester, we will be offering brief sessions before school (7:45 to 8:00) and after school (3:45 to 4:00) that will showcase user-friendly tools and best-practice teaching strategies every other Monday.

Like what you heard? Reach out to the Vanguard team if you would like any support in implementing this in your classroom!

So what is Branching?

In Microsoft Forms, branching allows you to create formative assessments that adapt based on the learners' responses. When a student answers a question correctly, they will be directed to more challenging questions. If they do not, they can be directed to questions that review prior knowledge needed to address your standards.

By using the Branching feature, you can personalize assessments for students. This also allows students to remediate concepts or to accelerate their learning.

You can also use this data to provide Just-In-Time instruction to the students that need support because you get real-time data from student responses.

Morning session: Branching with Microsoft Forms

Monday, Jan. 14th, 7:45-8am

Ms. Armstead's Room (414)

Afternoon Session: Branching with Microsoft Forms

Monday, Jan. 14th, 3:45-4pm

Ms. Armstead's Room (414)

How can we help you?

The Vanguard Team is excited to support all that you do. Let us know how to best support you by filling out the quick Google Form. We will use the responses we get to:

  • Plan future 15 Minute Mondays
  • Create Westlake's own Vanchise
  • Pair Vanguardians with teachers who would like support in implementing Personalized Learning in their classes

Westlake's Vanguardians

Ms. Jessyca Armstead

Dr. Valerie Bennett

Ms. Jessie DownsMrs. Rhonda Hudson