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Special Areas Edition

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Coming up in April...

Art - Ms. Perry

In April, we will be focusing on the largest country- Russia! First graders are learning about the famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and creating a painting in his style. Second grade read the book The Littlest Matryoshka and are creating their very own matryoshkas or Russian nesting dolls. Third graders will either be drawing pictures of Gzhel- Russian pottery- or complete a landscape of Russia’s most famous landmark- St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow!

Character Ed - Ms. Brice

In addition to NJSLA prep, weekly counseling groups will continue to meet throughout the month. I am currently working with six counseling groups.

The 2nd/3rd grade Anger Busters group is working on identifying and understanding their angry feelings. We will be moving into appropriate coping skills for the next couple of weeks. In the 1st grade Friendly Faces group we have been practicing playing fair, being good sports and avoiding being a sore losers. We are moving on to talk about the importance of expressing our feelings to our friends. The Good Workers Rule groups (1st and 2nd grade) have been focused on skills that will help students be a good worker. We’ve been discussing the importance of organization, paying attention, cooperation, and time management. The 2nd/3rd grade No Worries group has been working hard to identify their worries and coming up with “worry buster” plans to cope with their worries. The 2nd/3rd grade Self-Esteem group has been focusing on finding and appreciating their positive qualities. We’ve recently started working on individual “Love Trees”.

Finally, I have the pleasure of hanging out with the Check and Connect Breakfast Club each morning. The third trimester group is getting settled in. We eat, chat, play and relax before the school day begins!

Music - Ms. Tursi

Spring has sprung and 1st graders will be helping flowers bloom during music class this trimester by creating a musical rain storm! Students will sing and play along to the “Rain Song” using a variety of ORFF instruments! The Bullock Garden will definitely be feeling the vibes and blooming quickly with the help of our 1st grade students!!

Did someone say OPENING DAY?!?! Our 2nd graders are so excited about the start of the new season and to show off their 7th Inning Stretch!! Stretching and expanding their skills on ORFF Bells to the All American song, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game!” Students are singing and playing, rooting for the home team! Nothing but wins!!

It’s Raining and Pouring Recorder KARATE BELTS in 3rd grade music!! Students are working extra hard preparing for the end of the year Recorder Performance! They are currently working on Green Belt-“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” and beyond! So, march on in to the Recorder Concert/Talent Showcase on June 14th to see and hear our 3rd Grade Bullock Superstars!!

Physical Education - Mr. Bittner

This month we're finishing up our March Madness Basketball unit. The last week of March we started the unit by focusing on dribbling skills. The next two weeks will see us add passing and shooting to our skills. Our final week will put all of these skills to use in our culminating activity - Hot Spot Shooting where students will dribble, shoot and then pass to another player while trying to accumulate the most poly-spots for their team. This is a great activity that the whole family can get into. Play and watch basketball this month with your child and see what they've learned!

Technology - Ms. Locantora

Our First Grade Techies, will be focusing on Mouse Control and Spelling using a program similar to PowerPoint that involves their classroom Sight Words. We will be ending our classes with a “Freeze Dance” activity that will also involve their sight words.

As for our Second and Third Grade Techies just learned about how to stay safe while online from people they may not know just like they learn to do in the real world. Over the next 2-3 weeks they will now be focusing on how they conduct THEMSELVES properly online, also just like they do in the real world. We will be focusing on two main topics:

  1. This is Me - How does what I post online affect my identity?
  2. The Power of Words - What should you do when someone uses mean or hurtful language on the internet?

**Second and Third Grade parents keep a look out in your child’s book bags for some Family Tips & Activities you can do with your child that will be related to what we cover in class!

World Cultures - Ms. Castro

In April, we will spring around the world during our very first Show and Tell Culture Week, starting April 12th. Students are invited to bring pictures, an artifact, or clothes about their culture during their World Cultures specials day. Flyers with more information and examples will go home by the end of March. Be encouraged to discuss aspects of family traditions that your child enjoys so your scholar is ready to share with their class.

Also, in celebration of Earth Day, our Demo Room will be transformed into a Conservation Exhibit created by our very own second grade environmentalists. Students’ artwork, projects, writing pieces and our third grade International Club’s Mock Trial will be on display.

Special Areas STAR Students!

  • Artists of the Month: Pia Salgado-Jiminez, Dominick Consuelos, Jaden Cook

  • Musicians of the Month: Crista Ferrer, Ashlyn Anderson, Miles Taylor

  • Athletes of the Month: Anneliese Gonzalez, Riley Levan, Chase Camarillo

  • Techies of the Month: Kelly Martinez-Morales, Camryn Jackels, Addison Johnson

  • World Travelers of the Month: Hylah Mabin, Gianna Savini, Concepcion Soriano