Indianapolis, Indiana

The Best Place to spend time with your Family and Friends

Come and Travel to Indianapolis

It is a perfect place for your family and friends! There are tons of museums for you to see. For example, there is The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. This Museum has five floors of fun including theater exhibits, dinosaur fossils, the different cultures of the world, and many more! They also have a zoo right in town. The Indianapolis Zoo is one of the nations Top 10 and has over 350 different species! There isn't just awesome places to go, there are awesome places to eat! Indianapolis has many unusual different foods that are not usual made in Connecticut. R Bistro is the #1 place to eat. It is very popular by their rotation in the menu, fresh ingredients, and very reasonable prices. You must hit these places if you ever visit Indianapolis, Indiana!

A Clean and Environmental Capital

Indianapolis is one of the cleanest areas in Indiana. The people of recycle and keep the area clean. Indianapolis has lovely parks where you can go for a stroll or hangout with friends. It has many amusement parks with a watermark included. These parks have clean water and value in keeping their parks clean. It is fabulous place to go!

Why should I go?

Some kids wonder why would I want to go for vacation. They would probably rather go to Florida or California. You have to give it a chance because there are things you never know about cities until you actual go there and see for yourself. Indianapolis has beautiful parks, aquariums, zoos, and ,many other things. Indianapolis is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. It is very worth while.