Updates about ALPHA from Mrs. Casey

Research News for 3rd-5th Grade ALPHA Students

We have been working on paraphrasing our research cards. Students should have their question cards in their holed envelopes which is located in the research section of the binder. 3rd graders need to paraphrase at least 1 piece of information from a question card onto a new card and 4th/5th graders need to paraphrase at least 2 pieces of information from a question card onto a new card and attach all the cards together. We're working on organizing the findings. Students will be in great shape if they have the following questions answered and paraphrased for their final product:

What are the details/features of your destination?
What is the climate of your destination?

Why is your destination threatened (environmental or human threats)?
What groups/organizations/people are helping to save your destination?
What would you do to help save your destination?

If more questions are answered and paraphrased, then your child is working towards the expert + level on their rubric.

I've had several questions about when the project is due. We are primarily working on the project in class. I'm not requiring that they create this at home. We hope to have this complete by mid-to-late January. In a few more class sessions, we should have a clearer picture of the due date.

Note: Scarborough 4th grade ALPHA students will not meet on December 18 due to the Living Museum project. We had a make up class on Friday, December 5 to accommodate for this change.

1st-2nd Grade ALPHA Students

We're starting to discuss aquatics and discovering why the oceans and waterways of the world are threatened. We'll discuss endangered animals too and begin our research process as to why the animals of the oceans are threatened. Students should start thinking about reasons why species are threatened.


All classes have been introduced to the Hour of Code Check out what your child has been doing to learn a new language--how to make computers talk. Your child is the first generation that will grow up with the types of devices that we all own and there is a great need for people to create the language to make the devices "talk." Here are the links to your child's coding page:

Franklin 1st/2nd grade page:

Franklin 3rd grade page

Franklin 4th/5th grade page

Scarborough 1st/2nd grade page

Scarborough 3rd grade page

Scarborough 4th grade page

Scarborough 5th grade page

Family Field Trip

Our family trip will be held on Saturday, February 21 beginning 9:00am. We meet at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch for a drive thru tour (in your own cars) to explore and feed the animals of the ranch. There will also be an interactive discovery program which will give us an up close exploration of the Longneck Learning Center. The cost of the day is as follows: Adults $16.75, students 5th grade & under $7.50, and students in grades 6-12 is $11.00. More details will be sent home the 1st week of January.

ALPHA Look Fors...

Please have your child remember their ALPHA binder on their scheduled class day and sign their weekly newsletter. Here is our schedule as a reminder:

Kay Franklin ES
Monday: 1st/2nd/3rd grades
Tuesday: 4th/5th grades

Scarborough ES
Wednesday: 1st/2nd/5th grades
Thursday: 3rd/4th grades