Bullies and Victims

The Knowledge to Make Change

What is Bulling ?

Bullying can be defined as aggressive behavior characterized by repetition and by imbalance of power where the victim cannot defend them selves for one or more reasons, for example, being outnumbered, smaller or weaker.

Personal Reflection And Introduction

I was once a victim of being bullied, and I'm sure that I speak for all when I say it's not fun. When I was in the sixth grade, right at the end of middle childhood, I was victim to an older guy taking my belongings and pushing me around. I never reached out for help in the school because I was way to embarrassed to look like one a punk or two a snitch. I informed my mother of the situation and her advice was ultimately the solution to my problem. I hit the kid back every time he approached me until he respected me enough to leave me alone. No bullying situation should have to come to this and there must be change.

Who is Involved?

No child is exempt from being a bully, but there is about a 10% greater chance that your child will be the victim opposed to being the aggressor. Research shows that based on the gender of the situation the reactions of peers and adults vary. When a male bullies another male it is much more likely that the situation will be over looked, that's a serious concern if your a parent of a young boy. When a female is being bulled by a male that situation is taken very seriously. With people viewing the situation in this fashion there is too much room fro bullying to occur.
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Characteristics and Effects of the Victims

Parenting Styles Promotes
  • Dependency
  • Anxiety
  • Low-Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Poor social skills
  • decline in academic performance

The victim isn't always stuck in a corner dying. Almost 50% of the victims are aggressive, this leads to the victim fighting back and and the victim and bully going in to a cycle to sustain there status.


  • The number one way to prevent bullying from happening is to make sure parents and children are well educated on the topic. Spreading the Knowledge on how serious the situation is, along with constant reinforcement will lead to a major change.
  • Once the situation had already manifested its self the best way to discontinue it is removal from the situation. Changing the environment of daily activities take away chances for multiple bulling encounters to happen.
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