Audrey Leagon

My name is Audrey, I love to get out and experience different things and I've been lucky enough to be able to do that the past couple of years. I have some family that lives in France and during my freshman year, we went to visit them and also travel to London. Last January my family took a trip to New York city and now I have a new favorite place in the world. We've been to lot's of different places over the years and this summer I might have the chance to go to Africa for two weeks.


I have a pretty decent sized family, but I'm the only one at home. I have two older brothers that are out of the house, one of them being in the navy. I also have a sister in law and two adorable nieces.

My Science Story

I've always loved science as one of my favorite subjects. I love learning things in science and I'm forever watching Netflix documentaries about the ocean or outer space or something crazy like that. I've also recently become interested in pursuing environmental studies in college.