The best country EVER!!!!!

The country side

Brazil's east coastline has a unbelieveable distance of 7,491km (4,655M)!

Get to know a bit of the country

The capital city of Brazil is Brazilia and the biggest city in the country is sao paulo. And also in 2015 the population of Brazil was 205,338,000!!!!!


In 1822 Brazil had there Independence from Portugal at 7th of September 1822!!!

The Amazon River

The Amazon river is one of the natural wonders of Brazil this is how big the Amazon river is 6,400Km (3,977M)!!!!

Brazil's name

The word Brazil comes from a tree named brazilwood. In Portuguese it's called Brasil.
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There are lots of animals in Brazil including Armadillo,Tapirs,Jaguars and Puma''s.

Where is it in the world?

Brazil is almost in the middle of South America but is just on the Right of Chile and South America

Fun Fact!!!

Brazil is the fifth Largest Country's in the world !!!

WOW!!!! And i thought Brazil was the tenth largest country in the WORLD!!!


Football is the most popular sport in Brazil. Other than Football, sports like Volleyball, mixed martial arts,Basketball , and motor sports, especially Formula one Brazillians love high speed games like Football,Basketball and Volleyball