Week 2, June 25 - 29

with Sra. Beverly Aguirre

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¡Hola! Hello!

You are receiving this newsletter because you are listed as the ELA or parent/guardian of a student that I am currently teaching in Spanish 3 this summer. I'm excited for this summer semester and the opportunity to work with you/your student to help him/her grow more proficient in the Spanish language, improve his/her cultural competence and global understanding!

**Please read this entire welcome flyer and let me know if you have any questions (see contact info. below).**

If you feel that you have received this message in error, please let me know and I'll remove you from my listserv. I got this email address and your contact information from the NCVPS Registration System. If it's not up-to-date and/or there are additional contacts/information, please let me know that too.

REMINDER: Students are expected to spend at least 2 (or more) hours in the course every day (Monday-Friday) since this is a fast-paced summer course (combining 18 weeks into 8.)

What are students working on this week?

We are now starting week 2. Students should have already finished the Getting Started Unit and Unit 1 (a review of Spanish 2). I have recently contacted all parents about student progress in our class.

This week we are working on Unit 2: Las Relaciones Personales (Personal Relationships). Students have 12 assignments due this Friday, June 29. This includes a Final Project.

Assignments are due each Friday evening at 11:55pm. Last, students are encouraged to work ahead in the class!

Below is the list of assignments students should be working on this week.

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This is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned in the current unit. It is very important that students incorporate the vocabulary and the grammar from the unit. Below are the directions in English for students:

  • Create a family album about 5 members of your family (brother/sister, aunt/uncle, mother/father, grandparent). Include 3 elements: text, images and an oral narration in order to create original and personal based content for Unit 2.
  • You can use Prezi, Google Slides, Emaze, Adobe Spark, Power Point, etc.
  • Describe your family members (use adjectives from the unit).
  • Try to explain your relationship with your family members (use reflexive verbs or talk about relations and conflicts).
  • Talk about how your family members used to be (using the past tense, the imperfect tense).
  • Use the vocabulary from this unit (click here) and the grammar constructions that you learned in this unit.
  • Use photos and make sure to cite them. If they are your own photos, please state that somewhere in the presentation.
  • Add an oral narration (voice-over) explaining details about your family members. (You can use to add links to your voiceover if you can not figure out how to add voiceover, which usually is "Insert > Audio" depending on the platform or tool you decide to use). The audio needs to be different than the written part. Please do not read what you have written in your presentation.
  • Make sure you use only vocabulary and grammar from this unit.
  • Submit the presentation through the designated assignment in CANVAS. You can put the link to your Prezi, Google Slide, Emaze, Adobe Spark, etc. for your submission. (Please make sure that on the tool you are using, you click on Share > Copy the link given > Paste it as you submission).

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Students will now attend one RLC every two weeks. Students have 7 opportunities to attend an RLC for Units 2/3 - this week (4 opportunities) or next week (3 opportunities). Please encourage your student to check the calendar and plan to attend an RLC for Units 2/3 as soon as possible. Attending an RLC will give students opportunities to be in an online classroom with a teacher and other students. Students can interact with the teacher and other classmates and have the opportunity to ask questions.

I will be teaching my RLC for Units 2/3 on Monday, July 2 at 8pm!

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Vocabulary Lists for each unit

Students are strongly encouraged to print out the lists of vocabulary for each unit. Students can find the link for the list on the Home Page of their Spanish 3 class. CLICK HERE for the link to the lists of vocabulary.
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Late Work Policy

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Can students redo assignments?

  • Students can redo ALL quizzes for Unit 1, a review of Spanish 1 and 2.
  • Students also only have ONE ATTEMPT on reading, listening, and vocabulary quizzes.
  • Students are allowed TWO ATTEMPTS on all writing and speaking assignments.
  • Students are allowed UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS on formative assessments.

How are grades calculated?

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1. Ask your students how they are doing, what they are doing (which assignment/s) and what they are learning. Ask them to answer specific questions around what they are learning.

2. Have your students show you their grades (they are available 24/7), get/use the parent/observer access (sent out in each newsletter) OR have them give you their log-in info., so you can check in on them anytime. You just click on "Grades" in the left-hand sidebar.

3. Does your student have a smartphone? If so, make sure that (s)he has downloaded the Canvas Student App!

As you probably know, students are not always forthcoming/proactive, so ask them!

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Signing up as a Parent Observer in Canvas

Would you like to observe your student in our class? You can see our announcements, check your student's grades and see his/her assignments/work submitted along with my feedback.

CLICK HERE for the step-by-step details to sign up as a Canvas Observer in our class! We would love to have you in our class!

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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre