What is Agent Orange

By: Tyler Quinnell

So What Exactly Is It?

Agent Orange is a powerful mixture of chemicals used by the U.S. in the Vietnam War. They used the chemicals to get ride of all the vegetation in Vietnam.

How Does It Affect The Body?

When people were mixing the chemicals the put too much dioxin which is very dangerous to every living organism. If you are exposed to Agent Orange you are not necessarily a victim. But you can still have many diseases. It seems to be that the next generation of those exposed to it had birth defects, skin rashes, combined toes and fingers and many others.

How Is It Related To Me?

My Grandpa fought in the Vietnam War and died from Agent Orange. I think its important to know how my Grandpa died because he passed before I was born. Also 2.4 million veterans were effected by Agent Orange. Even after the war people were still being affected by this deadly toxin because there no known cure or medication so future generations being affected by it.


- Was sprayed on 4.5 million acres in Vietnam

- U.S. sprayed anywhere from 11 million to 13 million gallons of Agent Orange

- Anywhere from 2.1 million to 4.5 million Vietnamese people lived in areas where Agent Orange was sprayed

- 150,000 Vietnamese children were born with birth defects

-Agent Orange has been related in 1.4 million peoples health issues

- Is still only used today to kill farmers vegetation if needed

-In Vietnam at least 400,000 people were killed by it

-For the past 51 years people of Vietnam have been fighting effects of Agent Orange

-The damages from agent Orange will tale at least another 49 years to recover

-One of the deadliest mixtures of chemicals known to man

What Are Some Of The Symptoms?

-You can become an anorexic -Many birth defects

-May have yellow skin and eyes -Painful breathing

-Hepatitis (liver inflammation) -Blurry vision

-Cancer such as tumors, liver and lung -Losing a lot of weight really fast

-Mental symptoms include irritation, anger, memory loss, loss of concentration, suicidal thoughts, depression and extreme personality changes

What Causes The Deadly Effects Of Agent Orange

Exposure to Agent Orange can lead to many drastic health issues in future generations and your self.

Treatment Options and Diet

Sadly there is no known cure, medicine or treatment for Agent Orange.

There is also no certain diet you could take to prevent the effects.