The U.S. Senate

David Swift


*Must be a U.S. citizen for atleast nine years when elected for the senate.

*Must be atleast 30 years of age.

*Must be a resident of the state that the senator represents.

Terms of office, Privlages and benefits

*The Terms for the U.S. senate last for 6 years.

*The current salarie for the U.S. senate is about $174,000 per year.

*The elections for senate are held every November of even-number years.

*If a senator dies, the legislature may authorize the governer to appoint someone to fill there place until the next election.

*The senate can not give their self a raise.

*Every two years a third of the senators run for relections.

*The senate and the house both may judge memebers, qualifications and decide whether to seat them.