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Justice for the Just


Welcome all new recruites to the Johnson's LLP Law Firm. Our motto here is to serve Justice for the Just! Many Law Firms aim to have the plantiff leave happy and the defendant placed in jail, but not every defendant is guilty. Here at Johnson's LLP Law Firm our philisophy is to fight justice for all, we make sure to carry out each trial utilizing top notch equipment and providing superb evidence. We will not through a defendant in jail until all investigations are complete and then they verdict can be read. Found below will be a set of guidelines and necessary information needed to know on an everyday basis.


Founder Brandon Johnson, born in New Port News, Virginia and raised in North Carolina, opened his early practice in NC in the early 1940's after his graduation from the New York University Law School. Not only did he embark in a new career providing outstanding benefits, but Mr. Johnson was also able to enhance his diversity by traveling all over the world conference to conference speaking on his law firm ideas. Seven years post graduation and Mr. Johnson was now known as the CEO of the Johnson's LLP Law Firm where his headquater is located in Ney York.

Johnson's Law Firm is a global firm, founded in Wilmington North Carolina in 1945 by Brandon Johnson. Over 3,500 employees are curretly working at the multinational law firm and many of the employess come right from Law School starting at the age of 25. Not only is the firm well known for its fight for justice, fairness and equality but it also operated in 45 of the world's 50 economies not including the many countries outside the United States. Amongst the 3,500 employees more than 73% of our lawyers are all practicing law abroad speaking numerous languages.

Example Case

Using the case filed below, if you were the lawyer assigned to this case what would you have done different? (Inner Thought)

"The Baker Boys were three young, goal oriented and dynamic teenagers accused and put under arrest for the murder of John E Lampton. They were instantly charged with a felony. The were not aware until the summon was sent to them stating the defendant, plantiff, day, time, and trial. Before the boys went to trial they took all day to prepare for the pretrial conference that was going to take place later that evening. The Baker boys made sure to stick together not only because they were in a foster home and poor but because they were all born blind due to meningitis. There was a lot of discrepancy being that all the boys were blind and so they were given a public defender. The three young men were afraid of going before a judge in a petit jury, open to the public where they could potentially be acquitted or convicted for an absurd crime. The Baker Boys felt as though being indicted in front of a grand jury would be more of a relief being that it is not open to public. The Baker Boys knew that they were innocent but they were too frightened and scared to appeal. Under the prosecution of 1st degree murder as three defendants, the Baker Boys were taken into the court and a young fellow by the name of Bill Thompsin was subpoenaed as a witness to the murder. As they all sat in the court the arraignment was given and as the Baker brothers and their public defender began to make a plea bargain a woman with silvery strands of hair wearing baggy clothing and smelled atrocious screamed “STOP THEY ARE INNOCENT”! She began to cry out that she was the long lost mother of the three blind boys and that they were set up. Their mother was addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine, she tells the court how her sons were all set up for a murder that her drug supplier committed and in order for her to keep her life she had to have her sons be accused for the murder. The judge thought of calling perjury on the defendant’s mother after she had taken an oath and put her right hand on the bible, because he found the story to be unethical and false. After brief deliberation the verdict was made and the three boys were found innocent and immediately they were bailed out."

Terms to Know Before you Go!

Before considering applying for Johnson's LLP Law Firm there are minor assessments that you will be tested on in order to determine the type of lawyer you could potentially become.

Complaint- formal statement naming the plantiff and defendant, it also includes the lawsuit that is being addressed.

Pleading- Complaint and attorney answer together.

Arbitration- Technique for a resolution of disputes outside the courts.

Appeal/ Mediation- An individuals makes an urgent request.

preponsdenerance of evidence- More severe test of evidence necessary in order to convict someone in a criminal case.