"Flyer Actions" Settings

Allow visitors to contact you or join your mailing list

What are "flyer actions"?

When a visitor comes to your flyer, they may want to connect with you or learn more. Smore offers tools for them to do just that, and they're called "Flyer Actions".

  • They can share your flyer on social networks by using the share buttons.
  • They can contact you by using the green "Contact the author" button.
  • They can follow you, which will add them to your mailing list.
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How do I turn flyer actions on and off?

Flyer actions are on by default for all flyers. You can turn them off from the flyer's settings page.

Configuring follow and contact buttons

How will I know when a visitor contacts me?

Smore will send you an email whenever a visitor contacts you. If you want to reply to them, just reply normally through your email app.

To turn off these emails from Smore, you can unsubscribe from Smore Notifications on your profile settings page.

What happens when a visitor decides to follow me?

When someone "follows" you on Smore, they'll simply be added to your mailing list. If you don't have any mailing list configured, they'll be added to your "Saved Emails" list.

  • You can change the mailing list followers will be added to on the flyer's settings screen.
  • You can view the number of new followers from the flyer's analytics screen.