Anasazi Indians

By: Brooke and Kyle

About the Anasazi.

The Anasazi is a tribe of poeple that lived long ago, around 2,000 years ago. The scientist have many theory's why they got split up and those reasons are because of drought in the land, religion because they sopped following their reliogious leaders and started following their own beliefs. The Anasazi people were found on a high steep cliff in Mesa Verde, Colorado. The Anasazi carved symblos and painted pictures on rocks, cliffs, and cave walls. They did pottery and weaving. The Anasazi Ancestors are present day Pueblo peoples.

Main Idea of the First Paragraph

The main idea of the first paragraph is telling us about the tempeture and what it's like being in the Anasazi tribe.
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  1. What is special about the way the Anasazi built their settlement at Mesa Verde? It is special because they built kind of under a hill. Its nothing that you would of ever thought of because its different and very creative!

2.Why is it unlikely that a drought caused the Anasazi to abandon Mesa Verde? It is unlikely because they lived through longer droughts.

3.Why are there so many theories about the Anasazi? There is many types of theories about the Anasazi maybe because they wernt a very big culture and they did everything by foot because they didnt have cattle or any thing to move them around so there wasnt trade marks for them.

4. Of all the theories about why the Anasazi deserted their setttlement, which do you agree with most? I agree with the war, because it said that they survived a longer drought and since they wernt that big of a culture then that could be kind of easy so knock them out.

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