2050 Drought Outlook Scares Nation!

By Benjamin Meyer and Rachel Lyons

Best Case Scenario will Require Big Changes on the Government's Part!!!!

Scenarios have been suggested by the IPCC, although the government seems to be ignoring the possibility that it could happen (RCP85 was introduced in 2007 and the government still hasn't done anything with it. We must decrease our carbon emissions FAST or it could be game over for the world. The Government may have less than 8 years to take action before we are in for a MEGA DROUGHT. (1) Due to a population increase the world will be more populated in urban areas that rely on agriculture to sustain it while agriculture is relying on the government for help. The factors that play in to the best case scenario will be: how much carbon, fossil fuels, and other mined products are restricted. Along with the regulations the government need to put on emissions and other government controlled things. (2) It could be that if our government does not take action today, our planet could be unlivable by 2050. (3)

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Worst Case Scenario Could be Close if No Action is Taken!!

Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario is that we work ourselves into an extreme drought that will have a recovery period if we don't take action on this matter. When it comes to knowing what to do our government is not very efficient. (1) When the RCP85 model was introduced people were like yeah. so? Now 7 years later we still haven't done anything with the model. ( 1) The tempatures in 2050 could be up between 2-5.5 degrees above normal tempatures today and by 2100 4-11 degrees of change from now. (4)

A Drought Like No Other!!!!!! Our Opinions on the Whole Package!!!!!!

Rachel Here, My opinion on the droughts in 2050 is that this is plausible and I think that it would make our society like the one in Divergent. Although that society is relying on farming within the walls of the city, it could alter our future so that we have a society like that without all the drama.

Benny Here, My opinion is simple, it is going to only get worse unless we do something about it.

About The Authors!!!!

Benjamin and Rachel here, we are the authors of this special news release. For a Science Project we are here creating this flyer about droughts and how they will effect the world in 2050. We will be between 49-51 years old (class range) in 2050. Thanks for viewing this Smore on Smore.com