All Day Pre-K

Room 8 & Room 9

Integrated Learning

Our new January theme, "Winter Sights," is in full swing! We started off our study with a look at snow. The kids are enjoying learning how snowflakes are formed, weather and even playing in pretend "snow!" Next, we move onto winter clothes and sports. Some centers include: hockey, paper plate ice skating, "bobsledding", and making CVC words with hats and scarves.

Social Studies

As we continue our study of family, we take a look at rules! The children will have a time to share some of their family's rules. This is such a great teaching opportunity for the children to reflect on the importance of family rules and usually proves to be quite humorous as well!


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. In P.E. we are starting a few scooter games and talking about what muscles we use to make the scooters move. Ask your child what muscles we use while riding on our scooters.


This month in Spanish we begin learning the names of basic shapes. Students learn how to play the game "Shape Train." Ask your child how to say circle in Spanish!


Our next two letters are "Uu" and "Rr." Each lesson includes a book all about our letter of focus; demonstration and practice of proper letter formation, and brainstorming time to come up with words that start with our literacy letter. Children also have the opportunity to explore an umbrella color code, underwater copy cat, rainbow addition, and a red robin maze to name a few.
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  • January 14 - Parent Perks with Dr. Liss and Dr. Hilary Thomas, 8:30 a.m.
  • January 15- Pre-K All Day Parents are invited to join our Hootenanny at 12:30!
  • January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No school
  • January 19 - No school for Early Childhood (Night Light classes will be offered.)
  • January 21 - Pre-K All Day Parent Breakfast

Ask your child...

How many points does a snowflake have?

How cold does it have to be to snow?

What are some words that start with "Uu?"