~Old School Face to Face Psychic Readings by TELEPATHIKA~

Insanely Accurate Cartomancer_ Delivering Arcane Intuit_ Uncanny Unveiling...

My specialties include the following areas:

  • Relationship Profiling
  • Love Triangles
  • Target Impressions
  • Character Reads
  • Relocation & Location Reveals
  • Business/Work/Career
  • Educational Endeavors
  • Employee Checks
  • Decision Making
  • Probability Forecasting

Riveting Reveals...

  • What do they think and feel about you and or the situation?
  • Reveal Pro's & Con's of an action BEFORE it's taken!
  • Explore the Most advantageous path before you take it!
  • Decide which project to take on or to drop!
  • Home-School-Business location exploration!
  • Which prospect should I hire?
  • Which position is right for you?
  • Rectification and Damage control!
  • Are you being deceived?

Now Scheduling Private Readings...**Summer Special**

Private Readings scheduled on Wednesday-Saturday-Sunday given in Vancouver.
Small Parties scheduled on Saturday & Sunday with advance notice. Will travel.

30 minute private read: $30
60 minute private read: $50
**cash only** open to trades

Must be minimum 18 years of age

Don't Deny Yourself my ExtraSensory Talents & Psi-Insight into your Life

** CALL NOW **
Leave message with the best time to reach you. Please be advised messages will be checked once a day and returned within 48 hours in most cases. Discretion is assured.